Walt Before Mickey Premiere A Rousing Success

The Audience was packed, standing room only!

The Audience was packed, standing room only!

Well, after 18 months of waiting, Walt Before Mickey, finally had it’s premiere festival release at The SkyWay International Film Festival on Friday June 12th. It was a rousing success. The film was extremely well received and we got so much great feedback from industry professionals and theatre goers alike. They couldn’t believe the film that we were able to produce under such a low budget. Yes, indeed! We made a film for $500k and made it look like $7 million.

The only way that you can do that is with a dedicated team and a willingness to work overtime in order to make something work. Well, we had both. We had a dedicated crew who believed in our director, Khoa Le, and production team as well as the special subject matter that we were tackling. Yes, we had a great responsibility to tell a very important story about a very important individual, Walt Disney himself. That’s what made us all work diligently to make sure that we captured every little ounce of that era that we could. I think we did him justice.

Thomas Ian Nicholas did an outstanding job as Walt and there were some very great supporting performances as well. Namely Jodie Sweetin, who did a great job as Charlotte Disney. Here is an article of our opening night premiere, highlighting her appearance at the Skyway International Film Festival.

We also had plenty of other well known actors in it, like Jon Heder, David Henrie, Hunter Gomez, Taylor Gray, Conor Dubin and Ayla Kell. Not to mention my beautiful and talented wife, Natasha Sherritt and, of course, me, Frank Licari as the villain. It was a fantastic cast. Shout out to Executive producers Armando Gutierrez and Arthur Bernstein for having the initial vision to recognize that this story needed to be told and giving us all an opportunity to work on such a great project.

A special shout out to Joe Stone and Jay Weber for doing such a great job in Art Direction and to Beverly Safer for doing an outstanding job on costuming. Amazing talent!

There is so much more excitement to come. Khoa and I are already in the midst of searching for investors for our next project, which I wrote, entitled Brandini. It’s going to be a beautifully inspirational story about music, love, family, determination, hope and passion. I can’t wait to start pre-production.

Don’t forget to visit www.Kvibe.com/walt-before-mickey and www.Kvibe.com/BrandiniFilm for all of the information on our current and future project.

Natasha Sherritt Licari, Frank Licari, Jodie Sweetin, Lauren Young, Nancy Hong, Lee Broda

Natasha Sherritt Licari, Frank Licari, Jodie Sweetin, Lauren Young, Nancy Hong Nuong, Lee Broda

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