There’s A New Story Everyday

Sitting at Panera bread in Palm Beach Gardens, waiting for two colleagues/friends coming in from the Bahamas. They’ve hired me to write a new screenplay based upon one of their true stories growing up in the Bahamian drug trade. Disguised as an artist, my friend, ran drugs for Bahamian drug traffickers from Mexico and Colombia into Florida. It’s going to be quite a story. I’ll be getting all the details from him and then turning it into a film. Think Bahamas culture meets Scarface. We’ll see where this one goes. After the meeting I’m off to Orlando to finish writing two screenplays this week. By the time I come home on Thursday, I want to have both of them finished and start developing the Bahamas Project. Life and career may not be consistent in terms of financial success but it sure is interesting. I’ll keep you all posted.

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