Podcast #1- Minorities In Hollywood, Trump, Sanders and Pat Riley

Hey all, here’s my first podcast.  It’s 30 minutes of me talking about the state of the entertainment business thanks to inspiration from Viola Davis and The Emmy’s. I also look at our current political candidates and talk a little sports.

Hope you’ll listen to it at your leisure.  Promise to make them shorter and better in the future. 🙂

I may even make them funny too! But this one is a serious one. Love to hear your comments to this at the bottom of the page when you finish listening.

Thanks as always.  Appreciate you listening.


  1. Alexander Leaty says:

    Great podcast, great topics! Im not too big on politics I’m actually neutral. I like to listen to what each candidate has to say and make my decision from there. That being said, being latino, Trump will not be getting a vote from me, and I’m pretty sure he will not be getting a vote from the rest of the latin community. Although there may be that 1% that will vote. Sports Im not to big on either. I rather watch a good movie are tv show than watch sports. Unless it’s the super bowl, the world series, basketball championship or a boxing and UFC special match. Now on the topic that is dear to me, minorities in hollywood. I agree with most of what you said. The only part I disagree on was on the writing. In my opinion, you can’t write race, but you can write class. There are many parts played by whites that could have easily been played by an African American, Latino, or Asian. Other than that everything you mentioned about problems in Hollywood is right on. The entertainment industry does not only entertain, but also educates. Because of Hollywood, people think that latinos are suppose to look a certain way, when in fact that is wrong. There are Asian latinos, black latinos, indian latinos, white latinos. As an actor, as a mixed Afro latino I’ve struggled in castings in regards to look. Being latino I’m unable to audition for latin or hispanic roles, I have to sell myself as African American. Reason being they are looking for white latinos, mediterranean or indian looking latinos. I think this needs to change because latinos come in all colors. The Spanish channels like Univision are as much to blame for this as well. They have no blacks on their station unless they are playing prisoners or servants. In regards to Hollywood, like you said people want to leave the theater learning something of themselves. Hollywood is doing a bad job of that. People want to be able to relate. Hopefully this will all change, I mean, I do see some change. For example, Perry White who is a white character in superman is played by Laurence Fishburne. Iris West who is a white character is played by Candice Patton in The Flash series. And just recently Johnny Storm the Human Torch in the fantastic fours is played by Michael B. Jordan. I’ve always said that all of the good roles are given to whites. In addition there should be more interracial relationships in movies and tv shows. As well as truth when depicting history. What i mean by that is that movies like Noah, Exodus and 300 should depict the people’s ethnic look to the way they truly were. The greeks were mixed. I feel the entertainment industry has a responsibility to the public. Great podcast and topics again. Keep it up. Hope to hear some more.

    • QuiteFrankly says:

      Great insight Alex. Hope to continue the dialogue and affect some change as we move forward. Thanks for the comments. What I meant by writing to race is specifically two things… One. (Caucasian Male, 30s) etc. Not always necessary. As well, we can certainly agree that with minor exceptions, Italians, Hispanics, African Americans, Greeks, etc. all have a natural cadence and different rhythm to their language and speech than anglo americans do. Writers who pay attention to that, can certainly write to the character specifically, just like good writers can write to women roles as opposed to men roles. But this is certainly a more involved discussion on writing technique which we need not get into here. Thanks again.

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