My Birthday and Kanye West

Today was my 43rd birthday. I was overwhelmed with well wishes. Between FB messages and posts, phone calls, texts, emails, etc. over 600 people reached out to me. It was very humbling and I’m extremely appreciative of everything. I realize that there is nothing more important than having a loving family and great friends. I’m blessed to have both. Thank you all for making my birthday so great. I spent it auditioning for a lead role in a film, having lunch with my wife, getting a much needed massage and taking the family out for the best Fried Chicken in Palm Beach County.

As I reflect back on my past year, it’s been quite a ride. While I was 42, I got married, wrote 4 screenplays and a new musical, wrote loads of sketch comedy (with The Jove), performed in 15+ shows, had a role on a network TV show (Nashville), acted opposite Tom Cruise in a big budget hollywood movie, produced, wrote and hosted The Palm Beach International Film Festival award show, wrote and produced a corporate video (with Kvibe), appeared in two commercials, acted in two Web Series, saw one of my films get distribution and screenings (Walt Before Mickey) and got a VIP tour of The White House. This has certainly been quite a year indeed.

And yet, with all of that, even after 23 years in this crazy business, I remain very hungry and dissatisfied with my career. I realize that although I’ve had a packed year, I really haven’t accomplished anything too great. I know that there are people out there that are working harder than I do and having more success than me. I realize that I’ve got a long long way to go and I’m gearing up for the challenge. I know that there are a lot of things that I can work on to improve myself as an artist; an actor, a writer and producer. There are many people that I can learn from and I’m very excited for what this next year holds.

This brings me to the best birthday present that I could have gotten. A reminder that there is always someone around who will make you feel better about yourself while, at the same time, making you question your choice to be in the entertainment business altogether. The one and only, Kanye West. The man who just called himself “the greatest Rock and Roll Star of all time!”… that’s a direct quote. The man who thinks he’s as important to music as anyone that has ever lived. A man who thinks he’s everything to everyone. Kanye West! Well, a few weeks ago, a friend posted this video to his wall. At the time, I listened to it, I didn’t fully appreciate the comedic value. I re-listened to it last night and I just had to watch it again and again and post this for all of my friends to see. This is my thank you to you for all the wonderful birthday wishes. Please watch this and laugh as hard as you can.

I give you Kanye West, attempting to perform LIVE to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Watch as he “pretends” to know the words at the beginning, mouthing them with the crowd, then, LISTEN as he attempts to actually sing the first verse. It is outstanding. A true talent, never before seen. I would love for you to leave me your comments so that we can share in this moment together.

Watch it now and comment. PLEASE!

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  1. Alexander Leaty says:

    Hey man great blog! Congrats your accomplishments. I’m proud of you. Your inspiring me more. I just wanted to say that in regards to your comment on still being dissatisfied, I’m sorry to tell you but, that feeling will never go away. As artists we always yearning to want more do more be more. No matter how much we do for ourselves or how much we accomplish we will never be satisfied or happy, that’s our curse. Don’t be disappointed because That’s a good thing, because you never want to be satisfied with yourself, you should always want more, do more, be more. As artists we are always learning new things about ourselves and how the world effects us. We are always growing. Love you bro keep pushing forward, and never be satisfied. Hope you had a great birthday with you beautiful family. Oh great vid on Kanye. Artist like him and Samuel Jackson always give me hope. They both suck but they make me feel that if they can do it anyone can.

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