Excited To Join Kvibe Productions

I’m very excited to announce that I have joined Kvibe Productions, LLC, an award winning Film, TV and Commercial Production Company located in the NY/NJ area as their Director of Development. I will be taking on Head Writer, Producer duties as well as Creative Direction.

Kvibe Productions has won numerous business awards along with their sister companies, Live Picture Studios and Climb The Search. To that end, I’ll be lending a hand in their corporate development side as well.

This has been a natural followup to my creative partnership with their CEO and Founder, Khoa Le. As most of you know, Walt Before Mickey, a film that I worked almost a full year on in the capacities of producing, writing, casting and acting is almost ready to be released to the world.

I can’t stress how much director, Khoa Le, should be commended for his work on this project. Not only did he direct the film… he took on an executive producer role and he and the Kvibe Production team took on all post production duties. Kvibe oversaw the editing, coloring, audio design, musical scoring and trailer creation for the entire film. I was able to work closely with Khoa and Kvibe during the post production process and we are very excited to release our first full length feature together.

Walt Before Mickey stars Thomas Ian Nicholas, Jon Heder, David Henrie, Jodi Sweetin, Ayla Kell, Taylor Gray, Hunter Gomez, Natasha Sherritt and yours truly, Frank Licari. It’s been a labor love for Khoa and I and we are very proud of the work that we were able to bring to the screen.

Khoa and I are already developing our next three film and tv projects together and I’m very excited about what the future holds for our partnership.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my very good friend, talented director, Ari Taub. Ari had the unfortunate opportunity of starting off as the original director on this project but due to clashes with the executive producers (for good reasons), he was unceremoniously let go. I commend him for his work on the project and although he will not get credit on this film, his work can be seen in all of the flashback scenes. Despite the circumstances, it was wonderful to work alongside him for the little time that we did.

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Director, Khoa Le, let's Walt (Thomas Ian Nicholas) and George (Frank Licari) in on his master plan for the scene.

Director, Khoa Le, confers with Walt (Thomas Ian Nicholas) and George (Frank Licari) on his master plan for the scene.


  1. Nina Murano says:

    Very nicely written. Well done and a worthy film to be watched!

  2. QuiteFrankly says:

    Thanks Nina… be in NY soon. Look forward to getting together and catching up.

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