George Plots Walt’s Demise – Walt Before Mickey

"George Winkler eyes Fred Harmon, the first of Walt's animators to fall for George's enticing offer"

“George Winkler eyes Fred Harmon, the first of Walt’s animators to fall for George’s enticing offer”

More behind the scenes from Walt Before Mickey, folks.

In this scene, George Winkler (me, Frank Licari, is in the midst of persuading one of Walt Disney’s main directors, Fred Harmon, to join him and Charles Mintz over at Snappy Comedies. Mintz’s plan is to sign all of Walt’s animators over to his company and force Walt into working for him. He sends in his brother-in-law, George (me), to infiltrate Walt’s company and slowly steal the animators, not to mention the work. The look you’re seeing here is George reacting to Walt not letting him “help” Hugh with the first drawing of Oswald The Rabbit.

Oswald The Rabbit was eventually owned by Margaret J. Winkler and Charles Mintz who, at the time, had the largest animation studio in the country. Oswald was later sold to Universal Pictures. As a matter of fact, Walt Disney Studios only got the rights for Oswald back from Universal in 2008 after more than 70 years.

When you watch this scene in the film, there is a bit of a continuity issue that I never caught (bad actor). In one shot, my cigarette pack is sticking out of my vest pocket and then, in another, it is gone. Yes, sure, I suppose I could have tucked it back in quickly BUT it comes back again later. Oops! Sorry Khoa Le for ruining the continuity of your scene but none of my props or continuity people caught it either. So there!

You can also play a game called, “spot the filing cabinet”! Directly to my left is a green cabinet that you’ll see again later in another room in an another scene. It’s called Independent film making people! And Khoa and I loved every minute of it.

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