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As most of us know, there are many individuals in our communities who are unemployed and need work. However, they may not have the educational background for high profile jobs or the finances to be able to afford training in certain areas. There are also individuals who are looking to transition from their current desk jobs to other more interactive and creative fields and need to get a foot in the door. On the flip side, there are plenty of local businesses, offices and production companies looking for entry level skilled labor for their various businesses and productions but don’t have the time or money to train people on the job. Thanks to funding from state and government sources, individuals as well as local businesses have an opportunity to have both of their needs met.

Along with the cooperation of Hudson County, NJ and local area businesses in Jersey City, Khoa Le and I, are developing a PILOT program to be able to meet both the needs of these unemployed individuals as well as local business owners.

Today, we are introducing EDUCATE THE BLOCK – a government funded program which will provide training in Media, Business, Food Service and Hospitality which will then match trained individuals with employers in their local communities. Our goal is to partner up with local restaurant, hotel, bar, media production services and other businesses- in order to train and find jobs for these individuals.

The areas of study that will be covered:

– Writing For Business and Media
– Acting for Business and Sales
– Graphic Design
– Videography, Lighting, Photography and Photo Journalism
– Web Design and Social Media

– Bartending/Mixology
– Management/Host/Hostessing
– Waiter/Waitressing
– Line Cook/Food Prep

– Concierge
– Front Desk/Reception
– Housekeeping
– Food and Beverage Management

This program will begin August 1st by incorporating a select list of subjects from above as we begin to grow the program. Our goal will be to place as many individuals as we can in secure jobs that can pay a living wage.

In order to accomplish our goal, we will need individuals who are able to teach all of the above areas. Teaching wages will be very competitive and schedules will be consistent and flexible. There is no need for a degree to teach, merely professional experience in the areas. There is no grading, no exams, no paperwork. We just need dynamic individuals who can teach individuals from ages 20-55 with various personalities. We are going to be teaching basic entry level skills.

If you are someone looking for extra income and looking to do something that will make a huge difference in our world, please contact me directly with your interest and area(s) of expertise. Most teachers will teach one or two days per week (or more) and it will be ongoing. If you would like something more consistent, that is available as well. NYC peeps, please remember, this is only 4 stops on the PATH train to Jersey City. Very close to Train Stop.
Please contact me at for more information and with your interest.

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