Brandini is Finished and Walt Premiere’s in 3 Weeks!


A few milestones were reached this week. Brandini, my latest film, a collaboration with Kvibe Productions, LLC is now complete and our developmental reading went unbelievably. The actors all did a fantastic job and it gave me the opportunity to put the finishing touches upon the 2nd draft. We are now ready for the financing stage and will begin attaching names shortly. Please check out the Facebook page and join us on the journey to making our next film. Our wish list includes Danny Glover and Ariana Grande. Lofty goals indeed but definitely doable.

AND, we just found out that Walt Before Mickey will be premiering in Miami on June 11th! The next day we will be premiering at the Skyway International Film Festival in Bradenton, FL. Obviously, to premiere a film about Walt Disney’s life in Florida makes perfect sense, specifically in an area around Orlando where we not only shot the movie but a place that Walt, indirectly, made famous. It’s going to be a real treat seeing our little film on the big screen for the first time. I will be very interested to see how the public receives it. Obviously, with a film like this, it’s quite a responsibility to get it right. There are so many Disney fans both young and old, American and Foreign that will be looking forward to this. I have always felt a great responsibility to make sure that we make a good film that people can enjoy. I hope that we accomplished that goal. This team worked very hard for this moment and now it’s finally here. Kudos to the executive producers, producing team and all the folks responsible for the post production including our sound/music designers and editors and each and every cast member. Khoa and I couldn’t be happier. We did it!

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