Behind The Scenes of Walt Before Mickey

As we get closer to the release of Walt Before Mickey, Khoa (Director) and I are going to start to share some behind the scenes footage from our experience on set. We had such an amazing time working on the film together. From the lows to the highs, it was fun to see this through all the way to the finish line. And, of course, these pictures bring back so many great memories.

This first picture is Khoa and I working with our lead actor Thomas Ian Nicholas (Walt) as he prepares for his scene where he confronts the owner of Newman Theaters for the backpay that is owed him. At this point in the story, Walt is at a very precarious place and needs the money badly to avoid certain bankruptcy.

Not only was Walt in a precarious situation but so was our lead actor, Thomas, because during this shooting day he had come down with a bad flu and was forced to perform all of his scenes under the weather. Of course, like the true professional that he is, Thomas, performed admirably and you’d never be able to tell that he was sick from watching the film. A real pro and a fantastic guy. I’m proud to say that Thomas and I (and Khoa) have remained friends long after the picture wrapped.

Of course, Khoa and I, were probably on three hours sleep by this point in production after spending the night before hammering out wrinkles in the shooting script which, by this point, I had re-written more than five times. Great memories. More to come.

Khoa, Thomas and Frank collaborate on last minute script changes for Walt's plea to Newman scene.

Khoa, Thomas and Frank collaborate on last minute script changes for Walt’s plea to Newman scene.

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