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Friends (and, please… only those that have been DEDICATING their lives to being Actors, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Painters, Directors, etc… for MORE THAN 15 years of their lives) I’m battling with a bit of an esoteric question(s) today. It’s something that’s been biting at me for years and years. It started the first day that I opened up a NY Times back in the early 90s and looked at the Arts & Entertainment section.

What role does the arts play in our world today? Not 10 years ago… but today. AND is Arts AND Entertainment the same thing today? Do they go hand in hand? It seems so. Has it always been like this? If so, then why didn’t my school have an Arts & Entertainment program instead of just an Arts program? Was Art always meant to be entertaining? Commercial? To be accepted by the masses? I mean, if I’m an artist regardless of who’s watching, then why is it so important that we all make a “living” at it and “entertain” people? And if we don’t, then we don’t have the “time” to truly be an artist, do we?



So, what is the true definition of art? It’s personal and subjective, right? Isn’t Transformers (with boobs and explosions) art to some people? Isn’t a Renoir just a bunch of gobble-dee-guk to some people? Is Mozart art… and Rihanna commercial crap? If it’s not entertaining, does it constitute as art in today’s world? If it can’t be sold in mass quantities, is it less than?

An even bigger question; Do people even care to be actual artists these days? I mean TRUE artists. Do they want to put in the time to study their craft for years and years? Seriously study it, hone it, master it? Or is it so much easier to take a few night classes or “workshops” to learn just enough to get by and then hope their pretty enough, handsome enough, funny enough, quirky enough, or commercially viable enough to call themselves an artist? Heck, as long as their entertaining someone and getting paid for it, they MUST be good at it, right???? American Idol, Youtube and the internet as a whole has proven ANYONE and ANYTHING can be entertainment.

So, what are we really doing? Striving to be true artists? or… Striving to be popular? Is there a need, anymore, for the first one? Do people care? Do people know the difference? Is there actually a difference?

Anyone care to comment?

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