1992 – My first film / 2015 – My latest film

Sometimes life has a way of reminding you how far you’ve come and how far you still need to go. Just a few days ago, I was surprised on Facebook by an old director whom I haven’t spoken to or seen in over 20 years. She private messaged me and told me that a film that I acted in 23 years ago is receiving a screening in NYC next month. It was a crazy thought. To this day, I have never seen the film and she posted a picture of me along with my co-stars and I started tearing up. This business is rare in that you get to see your life “chronologized” through still images, video and film clips, on the big screen, on the TV and now on computer, tablets, phones, etc. However, I had never seen a picture from this film and seeing myself that young in that costume was a real treat. It brought back so many memories. The film is called Red Lipstick and its a Drag Queen Bonnie & Clyde adventure movie that we filmed in the city. I actually got to drive a tank down 6th Avenue. Pretty cool for a twenty year old right out of drama college.

So, I can’t wait to see the film next month, as I’ll be in NY working with my new partner Khoa Le and Kvibe Productions. We’ll be starting to create packages for my latest screenplay that we just green-lit for production in the fall. It’s very exciting.

23 years later, I’m still in the business and still making films. Not bad for a little Italian kid from Canada who just wanted to make people laugh and be the class clown. Looking forward to the next 23 years.

This is me 23 years ago... Crazy!

This is me 23 years ago… Crazy!

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